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S3 Ep15: biz planning 101

blog podcast Dec 19, 2021


Planning is one of my favorite topics to speak about here on the podcast, but also its one of my fav subjects I teach within my Mastermind and also in my brand new Salon Quarterly (which kicks off in January).


We are all super busy in our professional and personal lives, but as a result of proper business planning we can all have a safety net around us, allowing us to plan for the normal days and those not so normal days, and after being part of our amazing industry over the last nearly two years, I think you will agree that planning for those “not so normal” days is a must to give us longevity in our businesses. 


In this episode, I speak about the importance of business planning, but more importantly, I think, what can be achieved if you spend the time and understand what your business needs in terms of planning. This is not pie in the sky stuff people, this is real, don't miss it!


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. The importance of...

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S3 Ep14: the fun list 22 for 2022

blog podcast Dec 12, 2021



So here it is - I know you guys love this - It's time for our fun list, our 22 for 2022. We have been doing this together for a few years now and it’s such a fun exercise to do, it doesn't take long - maybe 5 - 10 minutes tops. So, give yourself the time.


I always speak about the importance of planning for your business, but this list is about you, things you want to do in 2022 - could be big, big goals or smaller ones, but THEY ARE FOR YOU! In this episode I go through my 22 for 2022 to give you some ideas.


Please don't forget - write it, picture it and post it - tag me using hashtag #22for22


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. This is a fun list - do it for your biz too if you wish, but this 22 for 22 is for fun and for you

  2. This could be a good and fun thing to do with your family / friends

  3. You can include ANYTHING on this list




  1. Sign up for the waitlist for Salon Quarterly which will kick off in January - ...

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S3 Ep 13: we're having a baby! IVF & pregnancy + business

blog podcast Dec 05, 2021


TRIGGER WARNING:  In this episode I speak about infertility and pregnancy.


Going through IVF is tough, that is for sure! So many people are on this journey, so I wanted to answer your questions and tell you a little about my experience. Also, I think it’s good for us all in our business's to understand a little bit more about this topic because so many of our clients are also going through this. There are questions its ok for us to ask and there are definitely questions that we should never ask. So, I really hope you enjoy this episode, if you are on this path too I'm here for you, I'm with you always.


NOTE:  The topics discussed in this episode are my experience going through this, I am not a medical person and can not advise you on what to do and what not to do. Please speak to your doctor to receive medical advice.


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. If you are going through this journey remember - you are not alone!

  2. IVF is a...

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S3 Ep12: changes in your biz

blog podcast Nov 28, 2021



Yikes! We are a matter of weeks away from the end of 2021. Planning is key for a successful 2022, so here are my very simply and straight forward questions that I want you to ask yourself about your beauty biz.

1.     How do you currently feel about your business?

2.     How do you want to feel about your business?

3.     What are your priorities?

In this episode I speak about how asking myself these exact questions for my business has formed my plan for 2022 and beyond.

Remember honoring your priorities is so important for your business, and your priorities can change quickly, as they have for me recently with myself and Josh's amazing baby news. But as a result of having this oversight on my business I am super confident and excited heading into this coming year.   I want this for you too. 


Also, in this episode I share, for the very first time, how you can work with me in 2022,...

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S3 Ep11: Jenny M Coaching: 5-5-7 the thing we didn't know we needed

blog podcast Nov 21, 2021


How many of us give ourselves time to listen to our bodies? We are so crazy busy, that our health, both mentally and physically, can take a back seat. As we head to the end of the year and our busiest time, I know this episode is going to be so valuable to all you amazing podcast peeps. I speak with Jenny Maxwell of Jenny M Coaching about nourishment, she explains this isn’t just about food, that nourishment is for our bodies and our minds. In this episode Jenny gives us so many amazing tips that we can use each and every day both behind the chair and in our lives outside the salon. I know since recording I am already 5-5-7'ing. Don’t miss this amazing episode.  


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. How important it is to slow it down and breath

  2. Use your 5-5-7 breathing to help you slow it down

  3. Listening to our bodies - they are always trying to tell us something



  1. Also, hear about my exciting new 3-Part Holiday Business...

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S3 Ep 10: story time- don't let them dim your light

blog podcast Nov 15, 2021


I love retail. I've been talking about it nonstop here on the podcast for some time. I've been thinking about retail and thinking about profitability and we're at the right time of the year to be thinking about it. BUT there are people out there that will say that selling retail in your salon will not make you profitable! From my experience, this isn't the case. This episode is all about making your own decisions for your business, mapping out plans to achieve your dreams. In particular the importance of looking at all the options that are out there to make your business a huge success. Remember, always be totally open minded when it comes to your biz, don't be closed off to options and avenues of opportunity that are out there. Don't allow anyone to dim your light, always SHINE BRIGHT


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. Setting your own goals for your business

  2. Don't allow others failures to cloud your judgement

  3. Look at all the avenues there are for your business...

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S3 Ep 09: happy healthy hairstylist with Shelby Bettencourt

blog podcast Nov 07, 2021


In this very special episode I collaborate with Shelby Bettencourt.  Shelby is committed to helping hairstylist become happier and healthier behind the chair, both mentally and physically.  We speak about all thing’s health, covering physical and mental health and strength. We spend our day making others look and feel good about themselves, we need to invest in ourselves too.  Why in our profession do we not speak more about our health?  Listen in to hear us delve into that exact question and speak about our health journeys, how understanding all aspects of our health is key to longevity in our industry. 


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. The importance of listening to your body

  2. How a combination of diet and exercise can support you to have longevity

  3. Always remember to make "You" important on your list



  1. Check out Shelby's podcast - The Happy Healthy Hairstylist or find Shelby on IG @shelby.betterncourt. Also...

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S3 Ep 08: Retail: Sharing my answers

blog podcast Oct 31, 2021


Retail is a POWERHOUSE! Do you agree? Well let me tell you, retail has changed my business, it has allowed me to raise my profits without having to do any more work. Sounds good right! In this episode, I share my three top retail promotion styles that I just love. AND as you know podcast people are my people, so I have a little treat in the middle of this episode for you, don't miss it


Check out my brand new online course - Profit Project: Retail Edition


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. What works in terms of retail promotions

  2. How to bundle successfully

  3. What I have learned throughout my 15 years

  4. How to make a little go a long way

  5. How retail can make $$$$ for your business without having to do any extra work



  1. Check out my brand new online course - Profit Project: Retail Edition
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  3. ...

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S3 Ep 07: Red flags for holiday 2021: what are your back up plans?

blog podcast Oct 24, 2021


The signs are all around us, shelves are not always full, what we usually reach for in the supermarkets are not always there! In this episode, I talk about the supply chain issues that are being faced across all industries at the moment. This is totally not about scaremongering, that is not what I am about. This episode is purely to make sure you are mindful of this situation, and ensure that you have your backup plans. I want you all to smash this holiday season and I want to make sure that nothing gets in your way, especially not supply chain problems. You deserve to be profitable and I want to make sure you are!


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. Looking at your inventory and chatting to your suppliers about their stock levels

  2. Putting in place a backup plan if a supplier is running low

  3. Tips to avoid having to run to Target to grab a box of foils

  4. My new news about my brand new course which is coming up, you don't want to miss that.



  1. ...

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S2 Ep 06: Reels to make right now for your beauty biz

blog podcast Oct 17, 2021

Replay of an episode that talks to you about all things Reels.  

I know Instagram Reels have been with us for quite some time now, but, I thought it was a good idea to remind us of the reels basics.  

Listen in and enjoy 



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  2. Find resources online at www.lexilomax.com and on IG @lomax.lexi


More about the 10-Minute Beauty Business Podcast

The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast dives into all thing’s beauty business. Each week I will provide you with quick actionable tips for your beauty biz. It is my purpose to always support all you guys and gals within our industry, I want to share my experience and knowledge to help you grow. Listen in and enjoy!


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