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S3 Ep 05: Profits and add on's that are easy

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2021


You asked and I listened.  In this week’s episode I am talking about all the easy ways that you can bring add on services that don't take up too much time but can deliver the profits you want to your clients. What I want for you is that after you listen to this episode you will start to think differently about your add on's and how you approach them with your clients. This is what we are always speaking about in my DREAM TEN Mastermind Program and always always talking about in my Quarter Four Planning Workshop Series. 


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. Super simple add on's that you can bring easily to your clients

  2. How add on's can change your bottom line

  3. How to approach these services with your clients

  4. How a little can go a long way!



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S3 Ep 04: made for more with Amanda Bogaert

blog podcast Oct 03, 2021


Are you stressed out in your beauty business feeling you have to offer ALL the services to every client? Check out this week’s episode with Amanda Bogaert, where she talks about what brought her to the successful place she is at right now. How honoring your priorities and values is key. Listen in to hear about what Amanda struggled with, I know a lot of you are going to identify with these struggles.


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. The importance of honoring your priorities and your values

  2. Raising your prices

  3. Detaching your emotion from your business

  4. Understanding your worth and your value



  1. You can find Amanda over on Instagram @amanda_bogaert

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  3. Find resources online at www.lexilomax.com and on IG @lomax.lexi


More about the 10-Minute Beauty Business Podcast

The 10...

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S2 Ep 03: How to come and go: contracts, convos and breaking the agreement

blog podcast Sep 26, 2021


Do you struggle with hiring and firing? Do you get too emotionally involved in every situation in your business in terms of people coming and going? Well, I'm here to help you! In this episode, I share the importance of having very clear and easy to understand contracts with people within your biz, what to watch out for, and how to ensure what happened to me DOES NOT happen to you! Don't miss it


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. The importance of contracts

  2. Getting the correct support when creating these contracts and what to look out for

  3. Suggestions on what to have in your contracts


*The information in this podcast is based on Lexi's first-hand experience within the beauty industry. We would always recommend that you seek legal advice when drawing up your contracts for your business.



  1. Also, you can STILL sign up for my 3-Part Holiday Business Planning Workshop CHECK IT OUT!

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S3 Ep 02: SalonScale & growing past your profits with Alicia Soulier

blog podcast Sep 19, 2021


Would you like greater profits in your beauty business? Would you like to have greater control over your inventory management? Check out today's fab podcast with Alicia Soulier from SalonScale. SalonScale was designed to give you full control over your pricing for your services. It allows you to remove the guesswork from your pricing. Bringing this tech into your business will allow your business to have longevity, it will allow you to streamline and grow. I truly love SalonScale, when you start using it you won't know how you survived without it, it is a game-changer. 


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. How not pricing correctly is taking money from your pocket

  2. Bringing in tech into your business and its benefits

  3. Why use SalonScale

  4. How to integrate SalonScale into your business today

  5. What is coming up soon with SalonScale for your salon inventory systems



  1. Connect with Alicia through social @salonscale or via her website ...

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S3 Ep 01: Your business should be about you

blog podcast Sep 12, 2021


Do you have a dream for your salon? How do you start? What do you do first? Well, listen in, this episode is the one for you.

We are into season 3, amazing, throughout this season we are going to have so many interesting conversations with so many industry leaders and some amazing beauty business professionals just like you. In this episode, I tell you all about my recent HUGE, amazing renovation in my salon. All the feelings involved in this massive project, some of the problems that I faced and most of all what I have learned through this process. How sticking to my core values throughout this process is what allowed me to bring my vision to life.

In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. Allowing people to understand your vision and bringing them along the journey with you

  2. How to make difficult decisions in your beauty business

  3. The importance of sticking to your core values with any change

  4. No matter what stage you are at in your beauty business there is always room for...

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S2 Ep 12: Crop tops and professionalism?

blog podcast Sep 05, 2021



In this episode Lexi shares her thoughts on dress code and personal presentation.  We wrap up the summer school season in this episode, as Lexi talks about her new salon and the major level up her team has made with the new remodel.  Stay tuned for next week when Lexi unpacks the entire remodel experience + outcomes.  

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S2 Ep 11: answers to your "ask me anything"

blog podcast Aug 29, 2021


What is business planning? How do I start my business? How do I have an awkward conversation with my salon neighbour? Just a few of the questions that came in on my insta live last week which I have answered plus lots more in this episode of Summer School.



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S2 Ep 10: How to make more money in q4

blog podcast Aug 22, 2021


Did you know that qtr4 in the salon we can make nearly 70% of our revenue for the year? Don't miss out on this huge opportunity. Don't leave things to chance. I want you to have a robust plan that will make sure you sail through this qtr4 like never before. In this episode, I talk about what has changed the direction of my business. How to avoid being overworked and overtired so that by the time you reach your holiday and days off you are BURNT OUT. Listen in for tips on making that solid plan for this quarter 4!


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. How to create a solid plan for your quarter 4

  2. How to generate that revenue without running yourself into the ground

  3. How to show up and be present for yourself

  4. How to make ad-ons work for you in your biz

  5. How to SMASH your quarter 4 this year



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  2. Find...

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S2 Ep 09: Changes in your business

blog podcast Aug 15, 2021


Did you know you are in charge of your business? Yes, you! And now that you know you are in charge are you 100% clear about your priorities in your business and outside in your personal life? In this episode, I cover the importance of understanding these priorities and how they should affect everything you do within your business. If you are only planning for your business "short term" then you are not fully in control. You need to have a long term vision and goals for your life and business. So if you are the leader in your business you don't want to miss this episode.


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. The importance of understanding the priorities in your beauty biz

  2. How having a long term goal/vision for your business will allow you to grow your business with ease and with a tonne less stress

  3. How to stand back and look at your business and see what can be changed to step you closer to these goals and visions while honouring your priorities



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S2 Ep 08: Both sides of emotion in business

blog podcast Aug 08, 2021


How do you deal with your conflicting emotions in your biz? If somebody offends you within your business what is your go-to reaction? In today's episode, I speak about all the dichotomies within our beauty business on a daily basis. I talk about how to be a success without feeling like you should “stay in your lane” and how to strive for success and to earn more money without a voice in the back of your mind saying “am I being greedy”.   We all deal with these conflicting emotions daily, we have comments made to us all the time, but it is with work on your mindset that will allow you to believe in yourself, what you are doing and just let those comments slide right off you.   



In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. Mindset shifts to have an attitude of abundance and not feel bad about it

  2. How to share your gifts and be humble

  3. Bringing gratitude into your beauty business



  1. Also, hear about my...

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