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S4 Ep56: my trip to CVS and big biz marketing

blog podcast Sep 25, 2023


Ever had that "I just HAVE to buy this" moment while shopping? I mean, who hasn't? In this episode, I take you on a stroll down the aisles of CVS, reminiscing about those irresistible beauty buys and how retail is getting a major makeover. From spotting the latest trends in beauty products to understanding why some displays just make us want to splurge, we're diving deep into the world of salon retail.


Remember the first time you walked into Anthropologie? I sure do! It's all about creating that buzz, that excitement, that "I need this in my life" feeling. And guess what? We can totally recreate that vibe in our salons. With the right merchandising tricks up our sleeves and a keen eye for what's trending, we can turn our salons into mini retail havens.


Online shopping might be the rage, but there's something magical about physically picking up a product, feeling its texture, and imagining it as part of our beauty routine. And that's where our salons come in....

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S4 Ep55: you need to be doing this in your beauty biz

blog podcast Sep 18, 2023


Ever feel like the days just zoom by, especially when Q4 is knocking at the door?

In this episode of the "10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast," we're diving into the real talk about sticking to your commitments in the beauty biz. As the year speeds up, it's all about checking in: are you really keeping those promises to your business and, well, to yourself?

Also, guess what? We've got some juicy changes brewing for the podcast, and we can't wait to spill the beans. From giving the podcast a fresh new look to jumping into the YouTube scene, things are shaking up.

But here's the thing: no matter the changes, it all boils down to one word - commitment. Whether it's posting that selfie on Insta, pushing that trendy salon retail, or just being there for your clients, are you all in?

Through some personal stories and a sprinkle of wisdom, this episode is all about the power of sticking to your word and the magic that happens when you do. From the ups and downs of running a salon...

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S4 Ep54: slowing down and making biz easier

blog podcast Sep 10, 2023


Ever felt like the whirlwind of the beauty world is pulling you in every direction? In this latest episode of our 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast, I'm sharing a heart-to-heart on building a profitable beauty business, but without that frantic rush. Remember, it's okay to step back, breathe, and focus on what really matters.


Diving into the real-deal behind what beauty products are trending, I want to chat about not getting lost in the glitz and glamour. With new trends in beauty popping up every day, it's easy to feel like we're always a step behind. But here's my take: it's about slowing down, being kind to ourselves, and making decisions that genuinely align with our dreams, not just because everyone's talking about them.


Let's also talk salon retail. It's evolving, and I'm here to share how to grow your salon retail without feeling overwhelmed. It's about setting boundaries, resting when needed, and understanding the immense power of saying 'no'....

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S4 Ep53: What I’m doing as a salon owner September

blog podcast Sep 03, 2023


In today's episode, I took a deep dive into what I'm going to be up to this month (September) in the salon.


September sets the foundation for Q4. It's not about completely changing the business for a few months but about seizing the easier conversion opportunities. At Ooh La La we're working on our salon's gift guide, and I'm excited to connect with our clients in some fun ways.


This year has been mind-blowing! We've onboarded numerous new clients, leading to a cascade of growth. It's been incredibly rewarding to not only connect with these new clients but also to deepen our relationship with our existing ones. The influx of referrals and the seamless integration into our online processes has been surreal. It's been an absolute joy sharing our strategies in the visibility masterclass, and I genuinely believe these strategies can work beyond just the beauty industry.


But with growth comes change. There have been unexpected shifts in our salon's team...

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S4 Ep52: Retail profitability and if you should sell it in the salon opinions

blog podcast Aug 28, 2023



Do you ever glance at that empty shelf in your salon and ponder over the possibilities? The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast is delving into one of the most debated topics in the beauty biz: retail in salons. Ready to uncover some truth?


In today's beauty landscape, retail sales are so much more than just an additional revenue stream. They could be the bridge between merely maintaining your salon's reputation and elevating it to uncharted heights.


Let's be honest; we've all heard varying tales of success and pitfalls regarding integrating retail into the salon business. But what's the real deal?

There are myths aplenty that have shrouded the potential goldmine that is retail. Think of it this way: every product on your shelf is an endorsement, a testament to what your brand stands for, and most importantly, a solution you're offering your client. It's not just about selling, but about upholding and accentuating your salon's ethos.


And let's...

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S4 Ep50: moving meditation

blog podcast Aug 13, 2023




This week is something a little different, and something that I really love to add for you. This week we have a moving meditation. This meditation is the perfect way to reset, to get some positive affirmations going.


So please have this episode ready whether you are driving the car, going to the gym, walking the dogs, whatever, this is a moving meditation, so it can keep you company whilst you are doing your day to day.


Also, don't forget to check out the replay of the latest Balance-ing masterclass.



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S4 Ep49: what's my next move?

blog podcast Aug 06, 2023




Join me, Lexi Lomax, host of The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast, where I'm here to guide and support you on your journey towards thriving in the competitive beauty industry.


In this episode, titled "What's My Next Move," I'm sharing my insights as a seasoned salon owner, stylist, and business coach. I delve into the exciting updates in my business. Whether you're a salon owner, stylist, or any part of the beauty business world, I'm here to be your guide, offering tips to help you navigate challenges and achieve the growth you know you want and deserve.


Join me in exploring the delicate line between managing your salon and living your life. Find inspiration in my journey of focusing on deepening connections with my team, refining systems, and fostering growth opportunities that align with our core values.


Ready to take your beauty business to the next level? Tune in to The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast and let's embark on this...

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S4 Ep48: how to have difficult conversations

blog podcast Jul 30, 2023




In this episode of "The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast," I am discussing the importance of having hard conversations in the beauty industry. I am sharing valuable tips to grow your beauty business and emphasizes the significance of setting boundaries through written agreements.


We need to understand that difficult conversations is essential, regardless of the context. Whether it's addressing business boundaries or dealing with interpersonal conflicts in the salon, being ready for uncomfortable conversations is crucial. I want to highlights the importance of clear and concrete written agreements to protect yourself and your business, I want to urge your to put them in place if they haven't already.


I share how I have handled hard conversations effectively. During these situations it is really important to accept that these conversations will be uncomfortable for everyone involved, but they can lead to growth and better outcomes.



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S4 Ep47: to do or not to do it all

blog podcast Jul 23, 2023



In this episode of "The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast, I am exploring the the challenges faced by salon owners and stylists each and every day. The episode delves into the unbalanced dynamics between salon owners and stylists, and the reluctance of salon owners to assert their needs and desires. I share my thoughts on how to foster better conversations and connections within the beauty business community.


The episode also delves into the concept of capacity and how crucial it is for beauty professionals to recognize and honor their own limits. I discuss the importance of setting priorities, both in personal life and business, to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, I talk about the SQ system, a tool designed to help business owners navigate their workload while staying focused on their goals.





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S4 Ep46: Threads, hair and summer cleaning

blog podcast Jul 16, 2023


In this episode of The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast, titled Threads, Hair, and Summer Cleaning, I provide valuable insights and tips for salon owners and stylists to grow their businesses. I am speaking out the new Instagram app called Threads, all about its features and potential benefits for engaging in meaningful conversations without the need for a polished appearance. While cautioning against being swayed by shiny new distractions, I emphasize the importance of honoring your capacity and focusing on what works for your business.


I also share a few updates on our amazing birthday sale at Ooh La La, oh my, I am so grateful for its success and I promise I will share a detailed breakdown of the promotion's outcomes in a future episode.


The main focus for today's episode around mid-year business evaluation and optimization. I encourage listeners to conduct a thorough audit of their time, finances, marketing efforts, workflows, and physical spaces.


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