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Wednesday 5 Minute To-Do In Your Biz

I like to call them "zombies"... clients you have seen, but not lately. They are due to come in, but walking around with whack hair most likely.

Todays 5 minute actionable to-do in your business:

Check out your books from the last quarter and see who is missing, or due to come in. I try and remember a little something that was coming up in their life, and mention that as well as that they might be ready for an appointment in the PERSONALIZED text or email I send to them.

Example: "Hey Lexi! hope your vacation to Scotland was amazing! Can't wait to hear all about it! It's coming up on 8 weeks since we had an appointment, if your ready to come in let me know, and if your still looking good let me know when you are ready!" I will throw in a thumbs up emoji or have a great day, happy Friday, etc etc at the end of the message.

Keep it light and casual, with no pressure. I use this #1 to fill up my book with people who don't pre book, and #2 to help people who really don't prioritize...

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