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Three steps to be happier at work!

happiness work tips Sep 03, 2018
Happiness is an inside job. I know its cheesy, but its true.   these simple three steps will help you get the right mindset and thoughts in your head, and keep it all top of mind, in order to have more balance and happiness at work. Let me know if you have any other happy at work go to's!
3 ways to be happier at work:


  1. Take charge of your own personal and professional development

- get something on the calendar today, schedule yourself time.

 - Even if you just schedule 30 min a week to watch YouTube videos(cutting technique, balyage,etc)

- have a plan, don’t just let this magically happen to you. You make it happen


  1. Be prepared. Plan ahead and you will have very little stress at work.

- look at your schedule and inventory at the end of the week for the next week. Is there anything you need to buy, need to research, any one you need to follow up with to be sure you are prepared? Send reminders so you don’t have no shows?


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