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Wednesday 5 Minute To-Do In Your Biz

I like to call them "zombies"... clients you have seen, but not lately. They are due to come in, but walking around with whack hair most likely.

Todays 5 minute actionable to-do in your business:

Check out your books from the last quarter and see who is missing, or due to come in. I try and remember a little something that was coming up in their life, and mention that as well as that they might be ready for an appointment in the PERSONALIZED text or email I send to them.

Example: "Hey Lexi! hope your vacation to Scotland was amazing! Can't wait to hear all about it! It's coming up on 8 weeks since we had an appointment, if your ready to come in let me know, and if your still looking good let me know when you are ready!" I will throw in a thumbs up emoji or have a great day, happy Friday, etc etc at the end of the message.

Keep it light and casual, with no pressure. I use this #1 to fill up my book with people who don't pre book, and #2 to help people who really don't prioritize themselves. Those clients honestly appreciate when I reach out.

Also, if someone doesn't write back, or says no I'm good, or something along the lines of they broke up with you and didn't tell you, don't freak. Stay professional. reply with "I'm here when you need me, have a wonderful day" + smiley emoji. You will be surprised at who comes back 2 years later cause you were cool as a cucumber.

Thats your actionable 5 minute to-do today! One of my favorites too, because you really take inventory of whats going on in your business through a different lens. Are they all coming back, lots of people dodging you? Depending on your answer you can celebrate what you are doing well, or make some changes after a brainstorm of what going on.

Let me know how many appointments you book after this exercise! You will be surprised how much money you were leaving on the table if you didn't do this regularly before.

5 clients that would come 3 times a year if left to their own devices and the same clients with reminder check in's for 2 extra appoints... yes please.

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