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S4 Ep54: slowing down and making biz easier

blog podcast Sep 10, 2023


Ever felt like the whirlwind of the beauty world is pulling you in every direction? In this latest episode of our 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast, I'm sharing a heart-to-heart on building a profitable beauty business, but without that frantic rush. Remember, it's okay to step back, breathe, and focus on what really matters.


Diving into the real-deal behind what beauty products are trending, I want to chat about not getting lost in the glitz and glamour. With new trends in beauty popping up every day, it's easy to feel like we're always a step behind. But here's my take: it's about slowing down, being kind to ourselves, and making decisions that genuinely align with our dreams, not just because everyone's talking about them.


Let's also talk salon retail. It's evolving, and I'm here to share how to grow your salon retail without feeling overwhelmed. It's about setting boundaries, resting when needed, and understanding the immense power of saying 'no'. Because, lovely people, it's about working smart, with heart.


And as we wrap up, remember this: while keeping up with new trends is fun, it's vital to discern what fits perfectly with your unique brand and values. After all, good things take time. So, whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, join me in this cozy chat about finding balance in our ever-changing beauty world.





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