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S4 Ep55: you need to be doing this in your beauty biz

blog podcast Sep 18, 2023


Ever feel like the days just zoom by, especially when Q4 is knocking at the door?

In this episode of the "10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast," we're diving into the real talk about sticking to your commitments in the beauty biz. As the year speeds up, it's all about checking in: are you really keeping those promises to your business and, well, to yourself?

Also, guess what? We've got some juicy changes brewing for the podcast, and we can't wait to spill the beans. From giving the podcast a fresh new look to jumping into the YouTube scene, things are shaking up.

But here's the thing: no matter the changes, it all boils down to one word - commitment. Whether it's posting that selfie on Insta, pushing that trendy salon retail, or just being there for your clients, are you all in?

Through some personal stories and a sprinkle of wisdom, this episode is all about the power of sticking to your word and the magic that happens when you do. From the ups and downs of running a salon to those "aha!" moments in business, it's a rollercoaster of learning and growing. And hey, while knowing the latest in beauty trends or which beauty products are hot right now is cool, what really counts is your hustle and heart.

Ready to amp up your beauty game? Dive into this chat, and hey, slide into our DMs with your thoughts on this episode and the fresh vibes coming to the pod. Let's rock this beauty business journey together!





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