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S4 Ep52: Retail profitability and if you should sell it in the salon opinions

blog podcast Aug 28, 2023



Do you ever glance at that empty shelf in your salon and ponder over the possibilities? The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast is delving into one of the most debated topics in the beauty biz: retail in salons. Ready to uncover some truth?


In today's beauty landscape, retail sales are so much more than just an additional revenue stream. They could be the bridge between merely maintaining your salon's reputation and elevating it to uncharted heights.


Let's be honest; we've all heard varying tales of success and pitfalls regarding integrating retail into the salon business. But what's the real deal?

There are myths aplenty that have shrouded the potential goldmine that is retail. Think of it this way: every product on your shelf is an endorsement, a testament to what your brand stands for, and most importantly, a solution you're offering your client. It's not just about selling, but about upholding and accentuating your salon's ethos.


And let's touch upon the buzzing world of influencers. Sure, they're making waves in the beauty retail scene, but salons bring something unique to the table. That personal touch, the firsthand expertise, and the trust built over countless sessions.


Ever daydreamed about launching your own product line? It's a tantalizing thought, isn't it? Yet, it's crucial to delve into the practicalities and the true implications of such a venture. Every brand has a story, and maybe it's time to tell yours.


Consider this - retail isn't just about products; it's a strategy, an experience, a brand enhancer. So, the next time you see that empty shelf, what will you envision?


Dive into this episode, and let's rethink retail together! 🎧🔥





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