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S4 Ep56: my trip to CVS and big biz marketing

blog podcast Sep 25, 2023


Ever had that "I just HAVE to buy this" moment while shopping? I mean, who hasn't? In this episode, I take you on a stroll down the aisles of CVS, reminiscing about those irresistible beauty buys and how retail is getting a major makeover. From spotting the latest trends in beauty products to understanding why some displays just make us want to splurge, we're diving deep into the world of salon retail.


Remember the first time you walked into Anthropologie? I sure do! It's all about creating that buzz, that excitement, that "I need this in my life" feeling. And guess what? We can totally recreate that vibe in our salons. With the right merchandising tricks up our sleeves and a keen eye for what's trending, we can turn our salons into mini retail havens.


Online shopping might be the rage, but there's something magical about physically picking up a product, feeling its texture, and imagining it as part of our beauty routine. And that's where our salons come in. We've got the power to create those butterfly-in-the-stomach moments for our clients, making them fall in love with products over and over again.


So, next time you're wandering the aisles of your favorite store or even your own salon, think about the experience. What makes you tick? What draws you in? Let's chat about it, and hey, if you've got any retail tales of your own, slide into my DMs. I'd love to hear them!





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