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S4 Ep48: how to have difficult conversations

blog podcast Jul 30, 2023




In this episode of "The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast," I am discussing the importance of having hard conversations in the beauty industry. I am sharing valuable tips to grow your beauty business and emphasizes the significance of setting boundaries through written agreements.


We need to understand that difficult conversations is essential, regardless of the context. Whether it's addressing business boundaries or dealing with interpersonal conflicts in the salon, being ready for uncomfortable conversations is crucial. I want to highlights the importance of clear and concrete written agreements to protect yourself and your business, I want to urge your to put them in place if they haven't already.


I share how I have handled hard conversations effectively. During these situations it is really important to accept that these conversations will be uncomfortable for everyone involved, but they can lead to growth and better outcomes.



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S4 Ep47: to do or not to do it all

blog podcast Jul 23, 2023



In this episode of "The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast, I am exploring the the challenges faced by salon owners and stylists each and every day. The episode delves into the unbalanced dynamics between salon owners and stylists, and the reluctance of salon owners to assert their needs and desires. I share my thoughts on how to foster better conversations and connections within the beauty business community.


The episode also delves into the concept of capacity and how crucial it is for beauty professionals to recognize and honor their own limits. I discuss the importance of setting priorities, both in personal life and business, to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, I talk about the SQ system, a tool designed to help business owners navigate their workload while staying focused on their goals.





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S4 Ep46: Threads, hair and summer cleaning

blog podcast Jul 16, 2023


In this episode of The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast, titled Threads, Hair, and Summer Cleaning, I provide valuable insights and tips for salon owners and stylists to grow their businesses. I am speaking out the new Instagram app called Threads, all about its features and potential benefits for engaging in meaningful conversations without the need for a polished appearance. While cautioning against being swayed by shiny new distractions, I emphasize the importance of honoring your capacity and focusing on what works for your business.


I also share a few updates on our amazing birthday sale at Ooh La La, oh my, I am so grateful for its success and I promise I will share a detailed breakdown of the promotion's outcomes in a future episode.


The main focus for today's episode around mid-year business evaluation and optimization. I encourage listeners to conduct a thorough audit of their time, finances, marketing efforts, workflows, and physical spaces.


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S4 Ep45: July salon owner update

blog podcast Jul 10, 2023


In this episode of "The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast," I'm excited to share my July salon owner update with you. As we enter Q3, the queen of business in the salon, it's time to lay a solid foundation and tie up loose ends to propel our beauty business forward. Join me as I provide valuable insights and strategies to help you grow your business and attract your ideal clients in the beauty industry.

In this episode I emphasize the importance of refining your online presence to align with your target audience. From optimizing website copy to revamping social media verbiage, small adjustments can make a big impact. Additionally, I encourage you to assess your client list and consider offering tailored services to better serve your clients and increase revenue. Taking the time to show your clients how much you care and think about their beauty routines fosters stronger relationships and sets your business apart.

I am also sharing my own July plans as a salon owner,...

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S4 Ep44: best in class

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2023


Welcome to The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast.

In this episode titled "Best in Class," I share my personal experience as a salon owner and business coach, offering valuable tips to help you grow your beauty business. I discuss the success of our recent birthday sale promo at the salon, where we sold $900 worth of products in just a few hours. I explain how our approach to sales and promotions has evolved over time, focusing on creating a unique and appealing experience for our customers.

I emphasize the importance of understanding your clients' preferences and tailoring your promotions to meet their needs. By offering a blanket sale for three items or more, we found that our clients were more inclined to make larger purchases. I also highlight the significant cost savings we achieved by eliminating extravagant party days and instead focusing on strategic promotions that require minimal additional resources.

Drawing from my experience as a former educator for a...

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S4 Ep43: my honest responses as a salon owner

blog podcast Jun 25, 2023


Welcome to The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast! Get ready for an insightful episode as share my honest responses to questions sent to me by an aspiring salon owner and talented nail artist. Discover valuable insights and guidance as we tackle her burning questions about launching a successful salon in Phoenix, Arizona. Whether you're starting your own salon or looking for fresh perspectives on business growth, this segment is packed with practical advice you won't want to miss!


Are you a salon owner who struggles to find a balance between running your business and taking care of yourself? Tune in as I reveal my personal secrets to maintaining well-being while thriving in the industry. From self-care routines to cultivating a healthy mindset, I'll share essential tips that will empower you to prioritize your own happiness and success. Plus, for commission-based salon owners, we'll explore key metrics and indicators that can revolutionize your salon's performance,...

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S4 Ep42: positioning your business

blog podcast Jun 18, 2023


In this episode of The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast, I dive into the topic of positioning your business and the importance of finding your place as a salon owner. We often find ourselves caring deeply about our team members, sometimes even more than they care about us. This episode explores the dynamics of this relationship and the need for balance.


As a salon owner, it's natural to have a strong sense of responsibility for our team's well-being. However, it's essential to recognize that they may not reciprocate the same level of concern. This episode sparks a conversation about the delicate balance of caring for our team members while also prioritizing our own needs.


I share personal experiences and insights, discussing the significance of setting clear expectations, fostering a healthy salon culture, and effectively communicating with our team. The episode highlights the importance of being a leader who genuinely cares for their staff but also...

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S4 Ep41: Dreamy AF clients and why you should always take new ones

blog podcast Jun 11, 2023


In this latest episode of "The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast" with me, Lexi Lomax, I share my experience at Premier Orlando and the observations I made during the event. Teaching a class at the show was a highlight for me, and I was thrilled to see a packed room of eager learners. Meeting salon owners and stylists whom I had only connected with online was also a fantastic experience. The episode dives into the knowledge bombs and insights I shared during the class, which focused on making money, converting profits, and utilizing effective communication in the salon.


In the episode, I emphasize the significance of always accepting new clients, especially for salon owners. While it's essential to set standards and attract dreamy AF clients, having a channel for new clients is crucial for the growth and evolution of a salon business. I discuss the need to raise the threshold to become a client while continuously improving and serving soulmate clients better. Even...

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S4 Ep40: What I'm doing in my salon this month

blog podcast Jun 04, 2023


What is going on in the salon this month - I want to give you a BTS of everything that is happening in June and the reasons behind those decisions

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S4 Ep39: the miracle of the beauty business

blog podcast May 28, 2023


This episode is all about being real, I want to tell you exactly what changes I have made within my plan. As with everything in our amazing businesses flexibility is key and we need to be comfortable making shifts when necessary.


I also explaining what we are doing with sample season at the salon this year.


Taking action for success is essential for any business. Having a plan, staying focused on the end goal, and being willing to put in the hard work are all important steps for achieving success. As business owners should be willing to take risks and adapt their plans to changing circumstances in order to stay competitive and successful. With hard work, dedication, and perseverance, success can be achieved.


Tune in and enjoy the episode.



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