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S4 Ep28: how to batch content - the easy way

blog podcast Mar 12, 2023


Creating content for social media can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to do it every day. That is why batch creating your social media content is a great way to simplify the process and ensure that you are staying on track with your strategy.


Batch creating social media content means that you plan out your content in advance and create it all at once. This way, you can have content ready to go for days or even weeks at a time. To do this, you should first determine your content pillars. These are three to five ideas that help you stay focused and strategic with your content. For example, if you are a hair salon, your content pillars could include your services, team, and community, and tutorials or tips.


Once you have your content pillars in place, you can create content for each one. This could be anything from inspiring posts about your services to spotlighting clients or team members. You can also include tutorials or tips to educate...

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S4 Ep27: why you need reviews for your biz

blog podcast Mar 05, 2023


Online reviews of business have been around since 1999, this format of allowing your customers to rate you after they have an experience in your salon can be daunting, but it can be amazing, trust me. In this episode I am diving into the importance of reviews in your business and what you can do with them.


At Ooh La La we currently have a 5 star YELP rating, which I am very grateful to my wonderful team for. What this 5 star does for us is it is social proof that we are a Salon that you should want to visit, what it does is it tells others what services we provide and the value of travelling to visit us for your beauty treatments.


This social proof is what reviews is all about. This creates an organic reach that is unbelievably valuable to your business. Remember this social proof is what potential new clients will look for before they make a decision to part with their money for whatever service you provide. This social proof and organic reach will give you...

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S4 Ep26: ugh it was my fault

blog podcast Feb 26, 2023


We have been tackling accountability here on the podcast over the past few episodes. We have spoken about what to do when people in your business disappoint you and how to stay in control of a situation, we have spoken about how to fail forward and get unstuck in your business, so if you haven't listened to these two episodes I would recommend you have a listen.


Today we are going to wrap up this accountability season with a tough topic, a topic that isn't always easy for us to swallow. Today it's "ugh it was my fault", yes it happens, yes things go wrong in our business and its our fault, yes we get it wrong, we make mistakes, but guess what, that's ok.   We are all human, and mistakes happen, the important thing is how we react, how we deal with it. 

In this episode as well as delving into the mistakes and issues that can arise, I am also giving you 4 phrases that you can take into your every day if you find yourself facing this, these phrases can...

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S4 Ep25: control in your biz when people quit or disappoint you

blog podcast Feb 20, 2023


In business we all have to deal with hiring and firing, this is a topic we have been speaking about recently here on the podcast. But there is also another scenario that can derail you, which is, when a team member decides to leave us and move on. Now, this can be for many reasons. We as business owners, as salon owners we need to be prepared for this situation to ensure that the rug doesn't get pulled from beneath us and that we can deal with this with confidence.


In my 17 years in business this has happened so many times, thankfully not so much recently, but in the past yes, and did I always deal with it well - no! But what I have learnt through these times is included in this episode. I will walk you through what I did then and what I do today.   


I've become a strong business leader in these 17 years, I have learnt what to watch out for with my team, I've learnt how to control myself and not be reactive, and this is what I want to show you.


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S4 Ep24: how to fail forward and get unstuck

blog podcast Feb 12, 2023



The dust has settled for most of us on our "new year new me" hoopla. For so many of us, things are not going according to our plan and feelings of being stuck are starting to creep in. That beautiful and colorful planning board, that you created with so much intention and good will, is possibly sitting behind the couch now. We had so many ideas, but this “life stuff” has gotten in the way. I'm here to remind you, it's OK.


In this episode I am going to give you some ways to get unstuck! As always, I am going to include my real life examples of when I felt stuck, or when things were not working as I wanted / needed them to, I will tell you exactly how I felt, my thought process and then what I did to become unstuck and move forward.


Life does get in the way, yes, but it is your next step that is so important, it's what you do about it that makes the difference in your business, how you react when things get tough or maybe simply not...

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S04 Ep23: BTS of my salon biz

blog podcast Feb 05, 2023


For me as a Salon owner, one of the most important things is for me to be present. And yes while this level of "being present" has changed somewhat since becoming a mom, what I have maintained is even if I am not physically in the salon I am still present. I make sure I am available for my staff and my renters.


I believe that this is fundamental to the success of a salon.


In this week's episode I am bringing you BTS of Ooh La La Salon, I am going to walk you through what are my responsibilities every day and week. But also, I thought it would be really helpful for you guys to hear how my team breakdown and their responsibilities.  Delegation can be hard and it takes work, time and trust, so by sharing what I do, how I do it and what I do when things are not running smoothly I hope you can take some lessons to bring back to you own team.


Enjoy the episode!


Send me a DM if you have any questions on this episode




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S4 Ep22: pressure of social media

blog podcast Jan 29, 2023


Do you feel pressure from social media?


Do you feel like you are sometimes on the back foot with your business because of what you are seeing others sharing?


I am pulling away from my schedule for podcasts to bring you this episode after a post I put up had such a huge response, I just knew I needed to speak about it with my podcast people.


Firstly, let's be real for a minute, those pictures that we scroll through on social media day after day, they are a curated snapshot, they are not a true reflection of what is going on in our amazing industry each and every day. They are for some but not for all of us.


In this week's episode I want to tackle those feelings that you may be having about your business, I want to bring it back and get real with you.


This episode is the record scratch that you need to bring yourself back to your business, your journey and your goals.  I know this can be very difficult sometimes, and we can focus a...

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S3 Ep38: life update, golf, tv binge, sick of social + i had a baby!

blog podcast May 29, 2022



As you all know by now, podcast people are my people. So I wanted to catch you all up to speed on what's been going on, as there has been a dang lot. So, listen in if you are up for that. If you're not really feeling it, if the topic of birth and babies isn't for you right now, that's ok too, it’s not for everybody. You could listen back to some older episodes.


But there is a little information at the end of this episode that I don't want you to miss, so if this episode isn't for you, skip forward to the 24 minute mark, there is some news for you there

Enjoy today’s episode and make sure to let me know over on IG. Or DM if you are interested and coming to join me!


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More about the 10-Minute Beauty...

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S3 Ep37: why aren't they buying from me?

blog podcast May 22, 2022


Why don't they buy from me?

This is a question that I hear a lot from the gals in my salon and within my coaching students.

Every day in salons across the country, clients are buying products elsewhere, when they could buy from us.  Why are they going to Amazon or Target or wherever it is??  It’s frustrating right? 

But there is a simple solution.  In this episode, I will tell you what to do to increase your retail sales.  There are a few really important but simple tactics that you can put in place today to bring up those numbers.  Simple changes like telling your clients to buy from you or having scripted policies for sales in your business.

Don't forget our 17 - 22 touch points to make a sale, and using our 3 part promo system.  Listen in if retail is a struggle for you and your salon. I also have an amazing program - Profit Project Retail Edition - click here to check that out.

Enjoy today’s episode and make sure to let...

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S3 Ep36: how to CEO day

blog podcast May 15, 2022


We all need days in our business where we can sit with a clear head and plan, strategize and get organised. You can call this a “CEO Day” or an "INSERT YOUR NAME" day, I call mine "Lexi Day's".


These days make a huge different to my mindset as a business owner and to my output. In this episode, I walk you through what happens on my Lexi day's, before, during and after. Also, some hints and tips on how to make the most of this day.  I also will tell you a few things that I have found don’t serve me well on these days.  Give yourself the time for your business to listen to this episode, and put your CEO Day into your schedule today, even if it is 3 months away, it doesn’t matter, get it in the diary.  This day is then non-negotiable.   Enjoy!



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  2. Find...

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