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S4 Ep27: why you need reviews for your biz

blog podcast Mar 05, 2023


Online reviews of business have been around since 1999, this format of allowing your customers to rate you after they have an experience in your salon can be daunting, but it can be amazing, trust me. In this episode I am diving into the importance of reviews in your business and what you can do with them.


At Ooh La La we currently have a 5 star YELP rating, which I am very grateful to my wonderful team for. What this 5 star does for us is it is social proof that we are a Salon that you should want to visit, what it does is it tells others what services we provide and the value of travelling to visit us for your beauty treatments.


This social proof is what reviews is all about. This creates an organic reach that is unbelievably valuable to your business. Remember this social proof is what potential new clients will look for before they make a decision to part with their money for whatever service you provide. This social proof and organic reach will give you growth without you haven't to do anything, without you having to part with your money to pay for ads etc.


In this episode I am also giving you some guidance on how to ask clients for reviews and what to do with them after they are left.  I am all about simplifying things, and repurposing content is something that we should all be doing, there are so many easy and impactful ways that you can use the content of your reviews to create content to increase your visibility.


I see business owners all the time that are scared or shy away from client reviews because there is a possibility that you will receive one that is not so good, but I am here to tell you that those “not so good” reviews are more than ok too, use the bad ones to learn and grow, get under the skin of the review to understand why it was left and why your client felt that way, remember when we fail we are always failing forward.


So please DO NOT underestimate reviews, DO NOT overlook them in your business, because they are POWERFUL, I promise you.


Check out the Ooh La La Yelp Review Page


Enjoy the episode!


Send me a DM if you have any questions on this episode




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