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S4 Ep22: pressure of social media

blog podcast Jan 29, 2023


Do you feel pressure from social media?


Do you feel like you are sometimes on the back foot with your business because of what you are seeing others sharing?


I am pulling away from my schedule for podcasts to bring you this episode after a post I put up had such a huge response, I just knew I needed to speak about it with my podcast people.


Firstly, let's be real for a minute, those pictures that we scroll through on social media day after day, they are a curated snapshot, they are not a true reflection of what is going on in our amazing industry each and every day. They are for some but not for all of us.


In this week's episode I want to tackle those feelings that you may be having about your business, I want to bring it back and get real with you.


This episode is the record scratch that you need to bring yourself back to your business, your journey and your goals.  I know this can be very difficult sometimes, and we can focus a lot on the shiny object out there and compare ourselves with that.  But we are all on different journeys, success can look very different to you then it would to the next person.  Once you have your own goals in your mind, you have a plan on how you want to get there and you stick to your own path, these beautifully curated pictures will inspire you rather than make you feel you are not achieving success. 


Enjoy the episode!


Send me a DM if you have any questions on this episode




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