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S3 Ep37: why aren't they buying from me?

blog podcast May 22, 2022


Why don't they buy from me?

This is a question that I hear a lot from the gals in my salon and within my coaching students.

Every day in salons across the country, clients are buying products elsewhere, when they could buy from us.  Why are they going to Amazon or Target or wherever it is??  It’s frustrating right? 

But there is a simple solution.  In this episode, I will tell you what to do to increase your retail sales.  There are a few really important but simple tactics that you can put in place today to bring up those numbers.  Simple changes like telling your clients to buy from you or having scripted policies for sales in your business.

Don't forget our 17 - 22 touch points to make a sale, and using our 3 part promo system.  Listen in if retail is a struggle for you and your salon. I also have an amazing program - Profit Project Retail Edition - click here to check that out.

Enjoy today’s episode and make sure to let me know over on IG if you put any of these tactics in place in your business and how you get on. 


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