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S3 Ep31: confidence in your beauty biz

blog podcast Apr 10, 2022


Eyes on your own paper!


This is what I say all the time, simply put this means concentrate on what you are doing in your own business, don't be spending all your time comparing yourself with everybody else. I want you to be confident in YOU. By falling down that comparison rabbit hole, you can really knock your confidence. Remember remember remember we are all at different stages, we all have different back story’s, so don't be hard on yourself.


If you are somebody that lacks confidence in your business, maybe not in all areas, maybe it’s popping its head in certain parts, like social media reels, or speaking to clients or maybe it’s you shy away from having difficult conversations with clients or other stylists. Whatever it is, you want to listen in to this episode. I am giving you some great tips to overcome this. I want you to be the most confident beauty professional that you know you can be. Enjoy!


If you try any of these tips in your own biz make sure you send me a message on IG (@lomaxlexi) and tell me how you are killing it today and everyday.


In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. Go easy on yourself

  2. Stopping hopping on the comparison rollercoaster

  3. The joys of having a confidence journal all for YOU

  4. The POWER of stopping overthinking



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