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S2 Ep 07: The beauty of retail made simple

blog podcast Aug 01, 2021


How do you manage your retail sales? Are you confident in your approach? Did you know that you need to understand all the aspects of the products you are selling? You need to show your clients the benefits of using these products at home and you must be able to explain how to use them. In this episode, I re-hit retail sales. I know that it doesn't come naturally to us all to sell, but with these quick actionable steps, I know you can become more confident and grow your retail sales.

In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. How to approach retails sales

  2. Lexi's questions to master to make you confident when you approach your retail sales with clients

  3. The importance of listening to your client's pain points to learn how to serve them even more


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More about the 10-Minute Beauty Business Podcast - Summer School Edition

The Summer School Edition of the 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast dives into all thing’s beauty business. These shorter episodes are designed to provide you with quick actionable tips for your beauty biz. I believe that summertime is all about reflection for your business and relaxation for your body.  We work dang hard so make sure you are taking time to do both. Listen in and enjoy!

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