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S2 Ep 03: Old school or new school? You choose

blog podcast Jul 05, 2021


Do you spend your time working on your business or in your business? In this episode, Lexi draws parallels between these both. The industry we work in is ever-changing, now faster than ever, our clients are so educating and they are looking for more options. Don't be left in the dust, live the life you want. Listen to this week's Summer School Edition episode to hear how to elevate your beauty biz.

In this episode Lexi's cover:

  1. The difference between working in your business and on your business

  2. How to elevate your business and have more success

  3. The importance of goal setting for your business

  4. How to get strategic with your sales and marketing strategy


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More about the 10-Minute Beauty Business Podcast - Summer School Edition

The Summer School Edition of the 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast dives into all thing’s beauty business. These shorter episodes are designed to provide you with quick actionable tips for your beauty biz. I believe that summertime is all about reflection for your business and relaxation for your body.  We work dang hard so make sure you are taking time to do both. Listen in and enjoy!


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