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75: The burnout is real with Matt Hagan

blog podcast Jun 14, 2021

Show Notes Episode #75

Burnout can affect anybody and can strike at any time. In this episode, Lexi speaks to DREAM TEN Mastermind Alumni Matt Hagan of Nicic Studio. We speak about his experience of Burnout, the effects that it had on his life, both personal and behind the chair.

Matt is a business owner with over 16 years of experience behind the chair and more recently has become a certified personal trainer.

Matt explains that Burnout is not just being tired, it is a literal state of mental and physical exhaustion. And it's not solely in your business, burnout affects all aspects of your life, your relationship with your loved ones and your relationship with yourself.

This episode goes deep into Matt's personal experiences and his positive outlook on his life and his world are a breath of fresh air.

Also, Lexi announces the exciting changes that are coming to the 10-Minute Beauty Biz Podcast over the next couple of months, so you don't want to miss that.

In this episode with Matt we cover:

  • The symptoms of burnout

  • The power of the word NO

  • Designing your business fulfil your life

  • The effects of the pandemic on the beauty business and the struggles with reopening your business after lockdown

  • Understanding what you want from your business, what makes you happy

  • The importance of boundaries for your life and taking a step back and creating space for yourself

  • Putting yourself FIRST

Matt's 10-Minute Beauty Biz Tip this week:

Take 10 minutes TODAY to be the most important person in your world. Start with 10 minutes and allow that time to grow to 15 minutes per day and then 20 minutes etc. 



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