$333.00 USD


Connect, the power of clear client communication to be more profitable, before, after, during and between appointments. 

This is the stuff no one does.  it's way less work than you think, and even makes social media easier too. 

This is a masterclass replay from a live coaching experience

You will receive:  

  • 1 masterclass replay 
  • 3 private podcast mini courses

    • how to communicate for max profitability
    • what, where, how to create more revenue between appointments
    • what to say exactly + why it matters (templates included)

Great communication between appointments is the key to building strong, lasting relationships with clients. It allows you to provide personalized service past the appointment,  provide extra value, and enhance the overall salon experience, all of which lead to a healthier and more successful client relationship...and profits.


Enjoy the masterclass 

xx Lexi