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S4 Ep26: ugh it was my fault

blog podcast Feb 26, 2023


We have been tackling accountability here on the podcast over the past few episodes. We have spoken about what to do when people in your business disappoint you and how to stay in control of a situation, we have spoken about how to fail forward and get unstuck in your business, so if you haven't listened to these two episodes I would recommend you have a listen.


Today we are going to wrap up this accountability season with a tough topic, a topic that isn't always easy for us to swallow. Today it's "ugh it was my fault", yes it happens, yes things go wrong in our business and its our fault, yes we get it wrong, we make mistakes, but guess what, that's ok.   We are all human, and mistakes happen, the important thing is how we react, how we deal with it. 

In this episode as well as delving into the mistakes and issues that can arise, I am also giving you 4 phrases that you can take into your every day if you find yourself facing this, these phrases can help disarm a situation and move forward, these phrases will help you take back control if something goes wrong and it is your fault or even if it isn’t your fault, they will help. 


Enjoy the episode!


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