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S4 Ep25: control in your biz when people quit or disappoint you

blog podcast Feb 20, 2023


In business we all have to deal with hiring and firing, this is a topic we have been speaking about recently here on the podcast. But there is also another scenario that can derail you, which is, when a team member decides to leave us and move on. Now, this can be for many reasons. We as business owners, as salon owners we need to be prepared for this situation to ensure that the rug doesn't get pulled from beneath us and that we can deal with this with confidence.


In my 17 years in business this has happened so many times, thankfully not so much recently, but in the past yes, and did I always deal with it well - no! But what I have learnt through these times is included in this episode. I will walk you through what I did then and what I do today.   


I've become a strong business leader in these 17 years, I have learnt what to watch out for with my team, I've learnt how to control myself and not be reactive, and this is what I want to show you.


Also, if you are looking to grow your business, there are some things in this episode around clarity of direction that are so important to business growth too, as well as managing these people and team issues that arise in our day to day. 


I know as a podcast listener you care about your business, you care about the direction it is headed and you care about who you have alongside you on  that journey, so this episode is perfect for you.


Enjoy the episode!



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