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S3 Ep32: remember who the eff you are

blog podcast Apr 17, 2022


What is holding you back from the success you want and deserve?


What are you telling yourself every day that is standing in your way?


We have spoken in the last few episodes about being in the GOOP, not having confidence in yourself and your business. Today, we are continuing that trend and we are speaking about the fact that the fears of failure is holding you back. Being comfortable in your business is good, but does it serve you? Does being comfortable in your business or staying in your lane, move that needle forward to achieve the life by design that you want? The answer is NO.

In this episode, I talk about letting go of the fear that is holding you back.  Always remember, success is not available without failure, and when we fail we fail forward.


Book recommendation (this book changed my life) The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks



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