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Goal Setting 101

goal setting Jan 02, 2019

Here's the thing with goal setting, it's important. But not nearly as important as the follow through.  

I recognize that It's tough to get started tho too... 

Here are my top 3 tips for getting motivated to set goals, and achieve them in your life and business.  

1. Dream, dream, dream.  Think about the most perfect day, and what the most perfect life for you would be like.  Create an image in your mind of what that would entail, and how you would feel.

2. Get a journal, and a nice writing utensil. For me I buy the same plain black one every year, and keep it with me all the time. but you do you and  get one that you love, that sparks your soul, and will make you excited to work on your goals and changing your business and your life. 

3. Get your head in the game.  Goal setting is easy, its achieving your goals and the work that gets you there that can get sticky. You MUST have your head in the right spot, with a positive mindset in order to do this! Do something you love to do this week, something that makes you happy and feel good, so you can hold that feeling when setting yourself up achieving your goals.  

If you need help with goal setting, and getting started I have a FREE online workshop that you can join  HERE!! I share my proven system after years of trial and error in the salon, and sharing it with hundreds of stylists and beauty pros like you! Can't wait to see what goals you reach first! 

See you inside the course! 

Class starts January 4th!

xo Lexi

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