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66: Yeehaw! Business Roundup from Lexi

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2021

In this episode, Lexi shares a 3 part business round-up. What's been going on, and some key tips for awkward conversations in the salon, as well as a new idea we need your feedback on!! 

What to say...

When they say you are too expensive

"I understand we all have different budgets. My pricing is non-negotiable"

"My education, experience, and quality of products are what dictates my pricing"

"I’m happy to create a service for you that fits within your budget, and will still be in line with your hair goals"

"I’m happy to refer you to xyz stylist who may be exactly what you are looking for"


When you get no show:

"you were a no-show for today's appt, I hope everything is ok"

"Per salon policies that you agreed to when we booked the appt, INSERT policy being upheld"

"In order to book a future appt we will need to take care of the no show policy outlined when you booked the original appt, and I will be happy to see you"


When a client is late:

"So happy you made it. You are in the late policy window stated when you booked your appt so here are your options...."

"In the future, if you are more than xyz late we may rebook that appt and then my no show policy will apply"

Thanks for following @lomax.lexi, sharing the podcast, and for being so amazing!

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